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coaching FAQs

Coaching offers you a safe space to explore and understand how you show up in the world – is it by conscious choice or by default? If it's the latter, we help you develop new approaches that empower you to handle stress more proactively and productively.

We believe that all the answers to your questions already lie within. With the right space and informed questions, you can discover those answers and reach your full potential.

A coach is your partner and advocate, helping you take action and stick to your goals. Leaders working with a certified coach not only find greater satisfaction in their personal and professional lives but also see financial and physical benefits. Plus, their teams tend to show higher employee satisfaction rates and lower attrition due to their direct manager.

Therapy dives into your past to explore what got you to this point in life. Coaching uses where you are today to look forward to how you would like to present in the world in the days, weeks, months, and years ahead.

Coaching, in a general sense, is for anyone. At The Casslo Group, our expertise is in helping people who are in a professional position they’ve never found themselves in before. Most frequently for us, this means new people leaders who were just promoted from individual contributors to first-time managers. But we also have plenty of experience supporting first-time executives, career pivots, and those recently laid off. 

The two most common topics we cover with our leaders are imposter syndrome and how to lead through stressful events. We also frequently explore work/life balance, leading others, career development, and so much more! 

sales consulting faqs

We specialize in nurturing early-stage SaaS startups. If you're driven yet unsure about how to stand up an unstoppable sales team, we're here for you. Leveraging our deep understanding of SaaS sales methodologies and psychology, we're eager to guide your organization to success. If you are a founder who’s willing to try new things to bring in more deals, let’s talk. 

We ask that all consulting clients sign on for at least 3 months. After that, we offer an option to keep The Casslo Group on in an ongoing advisory capacity, so you can tap us in as you need us. 

Early-stage startups need the strategy but more than that, they need the execution. They need someone to actually make the dials, conduct the demos, negotiate the deals and close the business. It’s unlikely that your Head of Sales will be motivated for that work, so our advice is always to bring on an Account Executive first and work with our team to make sure that Account Executive is set up for success with a sold strategy, clearly outlined KPIs, and the tools to run a sales process. Think of it this way, if you’re sailing a cruise ship, you need the captain to dictate the course of action. But once the first mate knows where he is going and the route to get there, he can take over driving the ship. The Casslo Group consulting team will help you chart the course and then step back and allow your team to drive.