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Strategic Sales Consulting Services for CEOs and Early-stage SaaS Start-ups

Centered Around People, Driven by Results

In the early stages of your SaaS startup, every decision, every hire, and every penny counts. At The Casslo Group, we guide early-stage SaaS startups through a process that carefully considers each, transporting you from a world of uncertainty to a universe of unlimited potential founded on a sales strategy that puts people first.

Sales Consulting Services

We understand your challenges because we've been there. Our expertise is rooted in more than a decade of growing revenues and nurturing high-performing teams, with a deep understanding of SaaS sales methodologies and psychology.

Through our sales consulting, we’ll:

Create scalable, revenue-generating sales processes that resonate with your prospects

Leverage the latest methodologies, combined with a customer-centric touch, to build sales teams that thrive on human-to-human connections

Set clear, aggressive, yet attainable KPIs that keep your team motivated and on the path to success

Build a culture that encourages innovation led by individual strengths and abilities

Leadership Coaching and Training

One-off leadership training programs often become a "check-the-box" exercise for organizations. Our leadership coaching and training goes the extra mile to ensure your investment is implemented and ingrained. In addition to tactical and actionable lessons, your people leaders will:

Receive continuous 1:1 guidance over a span of 12 weeks post-training through our “Make it Stick” Method (group coaching options are also available)

Build collaborative, overperforming teams

Develop a resilient and adaptable leadership approach

Make more informed decisions that inspire a proactive and results-driven culture

Rebekah Gudeman

COO, Speak4

Investing in services with the Casslo Group is a guaranteed positive ROI and a surefire means of unlocking sales potential fast.

If sales is an art and a science, then Alyssa and the Casslo Group are the catalyst to driving success for your team with both.  In 8 months, she molded an eager sales beginner into a competent sales closer - helping them beat revenue targets by 150%. With methodical hands-on coaching, keen process development and robust training, Alyssa broke down each step of the sales cycle in a tangible and approachable way. 

Her fluency in sales psychology and passion for negotiation trained our sales brigade to lead next steps with purpose, increasing our close rate by 13% and driving our average deal size up by 25%. Role plays, recording feedback, one-off data analysis - Alyssa was truly in the trenches alongside our team every step of the way. 

The impact of Alyssa's intervention was immediate and profound. Our growth trajectory shifted from stagnant to 10% growth week over week. We sustained this for three consecutive months and after those three months, we continued growing at a respectable rate and have evolved from a seed-stage startup with a broken sales process to a company with solid growth ready for a Series A. 

Neal Kemp

CEO, Strider

Co-Founder BuildWithin

Michelle Rhee

Alyssa managed to cut through everything and develop all of the deliverables we asked for and more. I was incredibly impressed with her thoroughness, expertise, and ability to balance multiple stakeholders. The Casslo Group set us up for success in a way that wouldn’t have been possible without her guidance.

My company was a new start up with little sales direction when we brought Alyssa and The Casslo Group on board to help us. We lacked structure and didn’t have a sales “machine” with specific goals, targets, cadences, and procedures to follow. Alyssa had a tough dynamic to navigate through to get us what we needed. Two opinionated, strong-willed founders, a CRO with a strong customer service background but needing support on sales and an untested market were a few of the challenges she faced.

meet alyssa

As a current CEO or senior leader, you’ve probably landed here in search of my track record in sales. I get it; it’s instinct! You want to understand the tangible results of my 15+ years in sales and sales leadership. You want to measure my competency and capabilities, so you’re naturally curious about:


he founder

In a Head of Sales role, I led a team that produced 75% growth over 3 years, scaling to $22M in revenue.

My ability to increase revenue

As a Senior Director of Sales, I helped launch a new segment of business that contributed to 31% of the company’s overall revenue in its first year.

My ability to quickly learn new industries

I built out a top-of-funnel function that increased the pipeline by 650% over 1.5 quarters as a consultant for a pre-seed start-up.

My ability to bring in more qualified opportunities

While consulting for a SaaS organization, I put processes and trainings in place that grew a predictable 10% week-over-week growth. 

My ability to improve sales skills on your team

As a consultant for an exploding start-up, rebuilt sales model to put the company on track for a Series A raise by the end of 2023

My ability to build a sales model

As a consultant for a start up, increased average contract value by 60% over 90 days.

My ability to drive change in behavior

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