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What if you don’t need more to get more? What if you just need to know how to better use what’s already in front of you?

Through people-first sales consulting and leadership coaching services, we help organizations and first-time leaders reach their goals strategically and sustainably.

more high achievers.

more revenue, 

More customers, 

more high achievers.

more revenue, 

More customers, 

more high achievers.

more revenue, 

More customers, 

Do You Feel Like You’re Constantly Chasing More? 

Equips early-stage CEOs and SaaS founders with a people-centric, scalable sales process that resonates with prospects, drives revenue, and builds stellar, high-performing sales teams.


Empowers new leaders with the tools needed to inspire with conviction and lead with unwavering confidence.

Leadership Training and Coaching

Our philosophy at The Casslo Group is simple; success revolves around your people, whether that’s your employees, existing customers, or prospects.

Let’s Put People at the Center of Your Orbit



I care deeply about empowering and inspiring others to reach their fullest potential. It was the mentality I led with as an employee, salesperson, and leader through every role and every organization in my career. It was also the mentality that led to the overperformance of every team I managed.

And after 15+ years of sales and senior leadership experience, I had pretty much experienced it all, except a layoff on week 11 of a 12-week maternity leave.

Instead of jumping into another sales role at a single organization, I thought about how I could provide the greatest impact on multiple organizations.

That’s when I launched The Casslo Group.

Hi, I’m Alyssa!

The Founder Who Found a Greater Purpose


Rebekah Gudeman

Her fluency in sales psychology and passion for negotiation trained our sales brigade to lead next steps with purpose, increasing our close rate by 13% and driving our average deal size up by 25%. Role plays, recording feedback, one-off data analysis - Alyssa was truly in the trenches alongside our team every step of the way. 

Investing in services with the Casslo Group is a guaranteed positive ROI and a surefire means of unlocking sales potential fast.

If sales is an art and a science, then Alyssa and the Casslo Group are the catalyst to driving success for your team with both.  In 8 months, she molded an eager sales beginner into a competent sales closer - helping them beat revenue targets by 150%. With methodical hands-on coaching, keen process development and robust training, Alyssa broke down each step of the sales cycle in a tangible and approachable way. 

CEO, Strider

Neal Kemp

The impact of Alyssa's intervention was immediate and profound. Our growth trajectory shifted from stagnant to 10% growth week after week. We sustained this for three consecutive months and after those three months, we continued growing at a respectable rate for a startup of our newfound size. 

Today, as I write this testimonial, our company has been able to scale up our sales team due to her work. We have transitioned from relying on founders for sales to a robust sales team driving our business. This transition is a crucial step in a company's growth, and Alyssa has been instrumental in evolving us from a seed-stage startup with a broken sales process to a company with solid growth ready for a Series A.

Co-Founder BuildWithin

Michelle Rhee

Alyssa managed to cut through everything and develop all of the deliverables we asked for and more. I was incredibly impressed with her thoroughness, expertise, and ability to balance multiple stakeholders. The Casslo Group set us up for success in a way that wouldn’t have been possible without her guidance.

My company was a new start up with little sales direction when we brought Alyssa and The Casslo Group on board to help us. We lacked structure and didn’t have a sales “machine” with specific goals, targets, cadences, and procedures to follow. Alyssa had a tough dynamic to navigate through to get us what we needed. Two opinionated, strong-willed founders, a CRO with a strong customer service background but needing support on sales and an untested market were a few of the challenges she faced.

SR Manager, The Knot worldwide

Cassandra Edwards

Working with Alyssa truly helped me get out of my own way.

I've been struggling (for years) to cope with scenarios or situations that are outside of my control. Recently, I just felt it was mounting to a point that wasn't sustainable. Alyssa helped me work through it, and honestly, I am so appreciative.

A lot of times as an adult you hear things said multiple times, in different ways, from different people... many concepts aren't exactly new. Alyssa first and foremost did an incredible job of listening and understanding. When Alyssa offered advice and perspective, it just really hit home. It finally clicked for me and made sense in a way it never has before. Alyssa's ability to connect and help people is a gift. I have a lot more personal progress that I want to commit to, but the steps I took forward I am really proud of, and can personally thank Alyssa and The Casslo Group for helping me get there.


Angi Rigot

The coaching from The Casslo Group has been fantastic.

As a leader of a high-performing team, it can be challenging to carve out time to identify opportunities and consider all available options. My experience has been so impactful in helping me make more strategic decisions that align with my core values. I've learned so much about how I can be a better leader both in and out of the office through this process.


Michelle Carney

The Casslo Group immediately made me feel comfortable and listened to all of my goals ahead of our strategy sessions. One of which was to get promoted. 

Throughout our sessions, Alyssa challenged me to dig deeper and discover my potential- leaning into uncomfortable conversations and leveraging the power of questions during these times. She provided me with actionable steps that helped me gain confidence, clarity, and direction. With her help, I was able to unlock a whole new world of opportunities that I didn't know existed before - including the promotion! 

Thanks to her coaching, I continue to develop a better version of myself and feel empowered to do the same for my team. 

I speak volumes about Alyssa and recommend her to anyone looking to unlock their full potential. She truly is a remarkable coach who has a gift for bringing out the best in people. I am forever grateful for the impact she has had on my career, and I would be happy to be a reference for her anytime.


Joe Mansour

Alyssa is an engaging and knowledgeable sales leader who shared smart, actionable insights with my sales team to help them up their game and close more deals. If you need sales coaching, look no further than The Casslo Group.

Zach Berenz

Working with Alyssa was a transformative experience.

At first I was uncertain about the direction of my career. However, in just a few sessions, Alyssa helped me gain clarity and set achievable goals that aligned with my values and aspirations.

What stood out to me the most about Alyssa was her ability to actively listen and provide thoughtful feedback. She not only challenged me to think deeply about my goals but also encouraged me to take concrete actions to move closer towards achieving them.

Alyssa's collaborative, open-minded, engaged, and positive approach made me feel comfortable and supported throughout the coaching process. She was adept at identifying my blind spots and biases, which helped me gain a deeper understanding of myself. I feel more confident and focused than before, and I attribute much of that success to her coaching.

I would highly recommend Alyssa to anyone looking for a skilled and empathetic coach who can help them navigate the challenges of their career journey and beyond.


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